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We produce chamber music concerts, free to the public, featuring musicians and programs of the highest caliber. We cannot do so without the generosity of our patrons and supporters. We thank you for your consideration in giving whatever you can to help us keep alive our tradition of bringing great music and culture to the South Bay.


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Our Corporate Sponsors

SBCMS is supported in part by:

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors through the
Los Angeles County Arts Commission

The City of Los Angeles Department
Of Cultural Affairs


The Colburn School of Music

Colburn School of Music

Gold Circle Donors

Adrienne Brandriss
Patrick D. Garvey and Geneva Martin
Gary and Mary Gordon
Deanna and Gerald Holleman
Judy Mishkin
Julie and Stephen Paterson
Roger and Carol Schamp


Ronald Bartell and Christine Mitchell
John W. Burnett
Robert and Donna Francis
Joanna and Michael Heim
Nancy Linn
Jan and Jerald Simon
John Williams
Georgeann Wyatt


Louise Allison
Ed Barad and Carol McCully
Gabriel Berghouse and Vicki Stone
Antoinette Crichton and Rod Raynovich
Diana Cutler
Marlene and Everett Emerson
Peggy Garvey
Zelda and Jerry Green
Evan and Dorothy Hazelton
Judy Herman
Linda Jenson
Harriet S. Kaplan
Dorothy and Allen Lay
Tom and Faith Lyons
William Mach
Lois McFarland
Karen and John McMahon
Brenda and Michael McNamara
Wayne and Masako Partridge
Jim and Robin Paterson
Donald and Patricia Range
Cantor and Mrs. Stephen Richards
Sandy and Michael Sherman
Ron Smith
June and John Uharriet
Tom and Edie Van Huss
Evalee Weiss
Wendy Wolf and Mike Wheeler


Janet Ashley
Steve and Cindy Bandel
Melinda Barth
Dr. Rainer and Nancy Beck
Berta Bilezikjian and Richard Yee
Ruth Bloland
Claudette G. Bowie
Heather and Thomas Callow
Christine and John Campbell
Dorie and Brooks Chadwick
Morton Civen
Jeff Cohlberg
Don Croley
Alison Davis
Harry and Valerie Donahue
Lee W. Dorsey
Margo Doxakis and Philip Stein
Julia Dunphy
Dr. Richard and Gail Effros
Margareta and Ray Ericksen
Judith Farmer and Gernot Wolfgang
Kathleen Fitzgerald
William Funkey
Richard Gerber
Barbara and Burt Glazer in memory of Charles R Cahn
Mark Goldberg
Katharine Gross
Delores Harralson
Gary and Lee Ann Hart
Joanne and Ralph Iwens in memory of Michael G. Ryan
Robert Johnson and Linda Klein
Dale Karls and Diana Weatherly
Masao Katsumata
Rachelle Katz
Bill Knipps
Yasuhiko and Cleo Komorita
William and Emily Lacina
Peter Landecker and Sue Cutler
Rosemary Leake
Marilyn Litvak
Peter Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lucy
Drs. Mar5n and Susan Mach
Bill and Mary Malcolm
Beth Marquardt
Carlos Marques
McJones Family
Karol McQueary
Memory of Ben and Robert Brytan
Burckhard Mohr
Lorraine Mone
Patrick and Letcia Moran
Donna Morton
Dagmar and Samuel Muthamia
Michael and Gerri Oshry
Andrew Paroczai and Margaret Paul
Ken and Carol Pauley
Toni and Scott Pinsky
Quentin and Helene Pizzini
Shelley and Ben Pogorelsky
David Quadhamer
Gail Ruder
Alberta Samuelson
Eva and Michael Schulz
Judy and Jim Scott
Stephen and Janet Sherman
Conrad and Gail Siegel
Jim and Berthe Slattery
Carla and Doug Smith
Philip and Lynn Solomita
Kyung and Hoon Song
Michael and Julie Sulman
Tavetian family
Jean Tordella
Mary Toth
Mr. Detlev L. Werk Sr.
Milford G. Wyman
Henry and Jenny Yang
David and Carolyn Yu
Terri and Lawrence Zinkiewicz


Esther and Sandy Abramowitz
Stephen Beach
David Behr
Pamela Bleich
Janice Brennan
Chris Brooks
David Brown and Jill Conway
Joan Condon In honor of Robin and Jim Paterson
Naresh and Susan Deo
Dietz Brothers Music
James B. and Mary Ann Donahue
Robert G. Dye
Dr. G. Eng and S. Dreifuss
Sue Fishman
Dorothy Fitzgerald
Barbara and Burt Glazer
Penny Good
Doris Granata
Margaret Gross
Elizabeth Hawkins in loving memory
of Charles and Mary Cahn
Jeanne and Fred Henry
Lew Holzman, MD
Stanley Howard
Eric Johnson and Sherrilyn January
Dale Keyser
Jim and Pat Mack
Jess Morton
Margery Norris
Dean Obray
N. Oghigian
Patt Parker
Jeff and Barbara Riker
Judy Shaffer
Anita and Arnold Sobol
Audrey Kraake-Suer
Laurel Telfer
John and Doriane Tippet
Els Tulman
Drs. Kenneth Ungar and Jan Keller-Ungar
Lynn and Kerry White
Lois Whitener
Bob Witte